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History of the Fulton Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Fulton was chartered March 15, 1923, as one of the earliest clubs in Missouri (only 12 other clubs were founded in the state between 1910 and 1922). In the fall of 1922, Frank Rollins, president of the Columbia Rotary Club, approached Nick T. Cave about the possibility of his club sponsoring a new club in Fulton. Cave spoke to other men in Fulton, and they readily agreed to form a club.

In an account of the beginning of the club, Curt Blattner wrote that they met often, reviewed names of prospective members and selected only those executives in their trade or profession with high ethical standards and practices. “A finer group of men,” Blattner said, “was never assembled than this group of charter members of the Fulton Rotary Club.”  The 22 charter members were:

  • Harry “Mike” Atkinson

  • W. Ed “Pedie” Jameson

  • Robert O. “Oscar” Baker

  • Greene D. McCall

  • M. Fred “General” Bell

  • J. Burlie McCubbin

  • Ovid Bell

  • H. Clay “Mud” McGregor

  • Sam K. “Blick” Black

  • Luther U. “Uncle Luther” Nickell

  • Curtis E. “Curt” Blattner

  • John R. “Johnny” Pratt

  • Nick T. Cave

  • E. E. Reed

  • Richard H. “Dick” Crossfield

  • George T. “Percy” Reily

  • T. Harrison “T” Grant

  • Waldo F. “Cap” Smith

  • Elmer C. “Slick” Henderson

  • J. Roy “Roy” Tucker

  • Boulware H. “Bo” Jameson

  • Matt Wymore

The Fulton Rotary Club established a Rotaract Club at William Woods University in 2016.  The charter president of the Rotaract Club was Bailey Borman, daughter of Fulton Rotary Club member, Tim Borman. 

The Fulton Evening Satellite Rotary Club was established in 2017 to give an alternative membership option to those individuals who could not attend the regular club meetings at noon. The first chair of the club was Casey Clevenger, who previously belonged to the noon club. 

The Fulton High School Interact Club was established in 2018. The charter president was Anna Bonderer, daughter of Andy Bonderer, a member of the Rotary Club of Columbia. 

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