The top two reasons people join Rotary are first, to give back to the local community and second, to connect with friends.  Those happen to be the reasons I joined the Rotary Club of Fulton, and they have been great reasons for maintaining my membership.   Yet I have discovered there are many more reasons for belonging to this group. 

I was totally unaware of Rotary Youth Services when I joined.  Since then I have been involved in RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, that hold leadership camps on WWU campus each summer. I have watched our club establish a Rotaract Club for college students and an Interact Club for high school students.  And finally, I have been able to witness Rotary Youth Exchanges, both in receiving a student and sending a student abroad.  It is thrilling to be a part of an organization that wants to encourage young people to get involved in service and be aware of the needs in the world around them. 

I have become more involved in the district level of Rotary by attending conferences, taking part in Rotary Leadership Academy, attending social events hosted by other clubs, and meeting other club members one-on-one.  Being a part of larger group of people with the desire to serve has expanded my sense of community and what clubs can accomplish when working together. Not only have I watched our club develop district grants but was directly involved in writing several this spring for the Super Sam Foundation, Card-V and Our House.   What a feeling of accomplishment to see what difference we as a club can make in the lives of those in need around us.


And finally, I have seen first-hand what Rotary International’s work to improve the world involves with the global grants in which our club has participated in both Rwanda and Tanzania.  In working with Rotary groups in those areas to improve their communities and improve the lives of people across the world from us, we feel we have made a difference in the world community.  I have also been involved in Rotary’s Polio Plus campaign to help eliminate polio around the world through fund raising events.  What a contribution to the health of many children if we can eliminate that disease. 

Each member of the Rotary Club of Fulton has his or her own reasons for both joining and continuing to participate in the club.   If you ask, you can hear all them.  But what we all have in common is a desire to make a difference through service.  If you have that same desire, please contact us, and/or visit a meeting to find out what a great group of people make up our club as we work together.


In Service,


Sherry McCarthy


2020-21 President Rotary Club of Fulton


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