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Are you Cyber Secure?

Cyber security was the topic of the day at the Rotary Club of Fulton's noon meeting today. Unless you live completely off the grid, you must ask yourself, "Am I cyber secure?" Today's speaker brought attention to the issue of cyber security with thought provoking conversation.

Ray Buchli, Speaks to the Club.

Ray Buchli, CEO/owner of Riverview Tech, a Columbia-based IT contractor explained how technology touches us all in some way. Buchli stressed the importance of making sure that your home and business computers are adequately protected. According to Buchli, some 30,000 websites are hacked each day by tech savey criminals who are looking to steal personal information from you or your customers. These hackers are some of the best in the country and in the world. Cyber security could be described as a battle of good vs evil, with the good guys typically a step behind the hackers.

Some of the ways we can increase our cyber security, according to Buchli, is to ensure that we have an antivirus program running on our computer with updated virus definitions files, is running a malware and adware program, and updating our operating system and software to ensure application of the latest patches. Additionally, businesses should use firewalls and minimize access to the server.

One area that many members are vulnerable is mobile technology. When Buchli asked for a show of hands for the number o people that ran some sort of security / antivirus software on the mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, only one or two hands were raised. Buchli strongly encouraged everyone to install security / antivirus on their phones and tablet as these devices are being targeted by the criminal hackers, especially as more people are using their mobile devices for banking and other financial activity.

If, before the presentation, you could not answer "Am I cyber secure?" in the affirmative, you need to take the time to implement the steps necessary to ensure that you are cyber security.


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