Live United

"Live United." Most of us have heard this statement many times, but what does it really mean?

The Callaway County United Way was formed in 1957. The mission of the Callaway County United Way is to improve, consistently and measurably, the quality of life for all the people of Callaway County by raising and distributing funds, mobilizing community resources, and encouraging innovative solutions to the community's health and human service needs, while being aware of our environmental responsibilities. Since its inception, countless individuals have benefited from the services funded by United Way grants.

Jacque Brazas discusses the United Way and it's role in the community.

At this week's meeting, Club member and United Way Board President, Jacque Brazas, led the club through an exercise where groups of members had to make their limited resources, represented by colored pieces of candy, cover their needs. Once everyone thought they had figured out how to make their ends meet, Jacque introduced an anomaly into the exercise to demonstrate the difficult choices many members of our community make every day. For example, do I eat this week or do I get my car repaired?

Last year, the United Way was able to reach 11,881 individuals in our community, through partnerships with 14 agencies, providing over 200 programs.

From left, Joan Berry Morris, Ray Brown, and Sherry McCarthy try to make ends meet to see what some members of our community go through each day.

So, if you are looking for somewhere to close to home to invest your charitable dollars, the Callaway County United Way's partnerships with local non-profit social service organizations makes sense and allows donors to see first hand the benefits of their donations.

The Callaway County United Way set their 2017 campaign goal at $290,000. Helping the United Way reach this goal is easy. Many local employers have campaigns, encouraging their employees to give to the United Way, through one-time donations, or planned giving throughout the year via payroll deduction. You can also give directly to the United Way. Either way, when you make the decision to give, you are part of a community, taking the time to give, to help your neighbors. You are members of a group of connected, interdependent people, reaching out a hand to one, influencing the condition of all. This is what it means to Live United.

For more information on donating to the Callaway County United Way, visit their website at


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