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Fulton Stream Team

Last Wednesday we heard from members of Fulton's Stream Team. City Engineer, Kyle Bruemmer, discussed the ongoing work to cleanup and improve the water quality of Fulton's creeks and streams, specifically, Stinson Creek. While many of the issues with Stinson Creek arise from problems within the city, sometimes incidents occur upstream from the city which affect the water quality of the creek in the city limits.

The Fulton Stream Team is a community service organization created and operated by the City of Fulton, Missouri. Its goal is to convert the local streams into a healthy and thriving feature of Fulton. To reach this goal, partnerships with citizens, businesses, and institutions who are concerned about our streams will be developed through fun and educational conservation opportunities.

This team can be this unifying factor for all parties interested because of the City of Fulton’s long term commitment to this cause.

You can follow the Stream Team's Activities on Facebook.

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