FHS Students Show off Robot

If robots take over the world someday, members of the Fulton Robots Club may have helped build them. Students from Fulton High School's FRC impressed a room full of adults with their technical know-how during Wednesday's Fulton Rotary Club meeting.

Jim Hall

"They code the robot and make it move," faculty supervisor Jim Hall said. "The teachers step back and let the kids do their thing."

Several members present explained their roles on the team:

Martin Morard, senior, was the bot's driver. Senior Kenny Allen helped build the bot and worked on its electronics. Senior Tanner Seffen welded and wired the robot. Sophomore Benjamin Rowe programmed the bot. Sophomore Abby Barton was on the drive team and was also the human player in the field of play.

During a March robotics competition in St. Louis, Hall said FRC went up against 52 teams from much larger schools.

The FHS Robotics Team shows off their robot.

"We were the smallest public school there," he said. "Fulton gets it right, though. All 20 kids on our team play a role."

FRC came just shy of heading to the final round, but a little bit of bad luck stopped them, Morard said.

"In the final leg of the semifinals, right before our match, another team's robot in our group popped a circuit breaker," he said.

"We ended up two versus three. We were ahead on points, with the last objective being a rope climb. Two of the opponents bots climbed and our bot did. If the other bot on our team had climbed, we would have won."

Despite being eliminated, Morard said the team still had a good time.

"Seeing that arena and hearing the roar of the crowd; it was an awesome experience," he said.

Hall said to step up their game next year, the team needs a little outside help.

"On Jan. 7, we will be told what that year's competition is going to be," he said. "If anyone knows any engineers, we could really use their help and advice during those first few days of brainstorming."

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