George Washington Carver School

The Club enjoyed a presentation by Carmen Brandt and Gracia Backer on the history of the Dr. George Washington Carver School and ongoing efforts to bring the building back to life as a cultural and community center for everyone in the Fulton Community.

Dr. Carver Legacy

In 1937, Dr. George Washington Carver came to Fulton, Missouri to dedicate the new elementary school named in his honor and established for the children of the black community. The school has served as a focal point for the established black community of Fulton. No longer used as a public school, the building was purchased from the school district in 1989 by a dedicated group of Carver Elementary alumni and supporters. They wanted to revitalize the building and establish it as a historical site commemorating the historical significance of Carver Elementary and the legacy of Dr. Carver’s visit to Fulton. Through a community effort the Carver building is now listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites.

History of Carver School

The building served as the elementary school for Fulton’s black children until 1968. When the elementary schools were racially desegregated, Carver was used as a middle school for all-sixth graders. Further changes in the school district during the 1980’s saw the sixth graders move on to another building and the Carver school closed. The building remained unused for a few years until the spring of 1989, when the George Washington Carver Memorial Corporation was formed and the Fulton Public School District agreed to allow it to use the building.


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