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Sewer District Proposed by Health Department

Today the club welcomed Kent Wood and Mylene Dunn from the Callaway County Health Department.

Kent Wood

Wood and Dunn presented a program on a problem facing many rural subdivisions that have their own sewage treatment facility. According to Wood, many of the private treatment plants serving these subdivisions no longer meet DNR standards, which has resulted in a number of large fines to the owners of the private facilities. As Wood put it, these fines are just creating a vicious circle where owners who can't find the means to bring their facilities up to date are being penalized even more by the fines. As it stands today, their is very little the Health Department can do to help solve these problems.

Wood said the best way to solve the issues with failing systems to create a sewer district. The Health Department is currently leading an effort to place the issue on an upcoming ballot. Unlike other types districts, a sewer district will not require the passage of a tax. The only people that will be charged will be those subdivisions, homeowner associations and those that connect voluntarily to the proposed district.

If you are currently on an individual system you won't be part of this project, and probably won't be for years, if at all.

This will be a long term project, it will take years for all in the county that want to connect to do so. Our main focus right now is providing something for those with systems that are not in compliance or have received a Notice of Violation.

It will not affect your taxes, and could increase your property value if you live in an area where the sewer district will go (failing systems that we pick up).

If new systems are developed, it will be years before they can be operational.

This issue has nothing to do with the health ordinance discussed in the paper and on the television.

For more information contact Kent Wood or Mylene Dunn.

Callaway County Health Department 4950 County Road 304 Fulton MO 65251 Phone: 573-642-5750

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